Tree pruning and shrub pruning are two general practices that can vastly improve the health of your plant life if done properly. The goal of pruning is to improve the visual appeal of your trees and shrubs while also enhancing the quality of life that they enjoy. This is also an excellent and economical measure to ensure the health of your property’s plant life!

Pruning Benefits

The benefits are extensive, especially if it is performed by the professionals from Randburg Tree Felling.

Pruning clears your trees of dead or dying branches, which will maintain the natural branch structure that you’ve come to enjoy as part of your view. We have come to realise that love is in the details, which is why we examine the natural growth paths of branches.

Clearing out dead, weak or dying tree limbs will allow ample room for the healthy branches to continue their strong existence. This not only adds to the overall health of your trees, it also improves their visual aesthetic.

Types Of Pruning

Randburg Tree Felling pruning specialists can offer you fine pruning, standard pruning and crown reduction pruning for your trees.

We are also experienced in hazard pruning, which eliminates potential danger zones on your property caused by the possibility of falling branches. The trees aren’t the only investment that you have to protect on your property!

As with all of our services, pruning can be performed as part of your regular services.

Contact Randburg Tree Fellers today to schedule a on site consultation. You’ll be able to discuss what you’d like to accomplish through proper tree pruning and shrub pruning while we also make recommendations to improve the health, beauty and safety of your property’s plant life

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