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Are you looking for a professional tree trimmer?

Although you may know the basics of tree trimming, do you want to tackle this tedious job on your own? Well look no further, as our professional team at Cammy Tree Felling have the knowledge and equipment to help you with your tree trimming.

Reasons why you need to trim your trees

  • Tree trimming is required to keep your trees strong and healthy and also for safety and aesthetic reasons.
  • An infected tree can be saved by trimming away the affected branches and any branches that are crossing or rubbing together should also be trimmed to prevent them falling unexpectedly.
  • To prevent dead or broken branches falling and becoming and a safety hazard.
  • Trimming a tree regularly helps it maintain its shape and appearance although one should be careful not to trim it incorrectly or too much as it could damage the tree.
  • To prevent the branches of the tree leaning or falling on your electric fence which could damage the electric fence and render it unable to be armed for your protection.

Trimming Palm trees

Palm trees being a tropical species do not need to be trimmed that often. In fact the less trimming you do the better. This being said you do need to trim palm trees when necessary to:

  • Remove dead or dying fronds
  • Remove the fruit, seeds and flowers
  • Prevent damage to buildings

Certain species of palm trees can also grow very tall. It is so much easier to call in a professional tree trimmer like Cammys who have the necessary equipment to trim these tall palm trees for you.

We at Cammy Tree Felling are here to assist you with any queries you may have in respect of all your tree trimming requirements. We are just a phone call away! Contact us now.


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