Frequently Ask Questions about Tree Fellers

Frequently Ask Questions about Tree Fellers

Tree Fellers – Frequently Ask Questions.

What are tree fellers?

Tree fellers are also known as an ArboristFelling is the process of cutting down trees, an element of the task of logging. People cutting the trees are known as Tree fellers.

Why do I need tree fellers?

  • Without professional tree fellers and tree removal services, you can damage your property.
  • Trees that have grown too tall can cause a danger to people or property.
  • Once a tree has died, there is nothing more to do except take it down. Removal is necessary once a tree has died because a dead tree will slowly lose strength. As the tree weakens, it loses its ability to withstand storms.
  • The tree drops annoying leaves or needles, sap, seeds, cotton, or branches.
  • When a tree is leaning in a dangerous direction, like toward your house or driveway, it needs to be felled.
  • The tree is blocking your view or is causing too much shade and hindering your lawn to grow.
  • You are planning renovations and the tree is in the way.
  • Overhead power lines or too close to buildings are all typical reasons.

How Much Does Tree Felling Cost?

The cost of tree felling depends on the size of the tree. If you would like a quote on the cost of cutting down a tree. Please give us a call, so we can come out and provide you with a quote.

Is Tree Felling Dangerous?

Tree Felling is dangerous, especially if you don`t know what you are doing. Tree felling can cause major damage to property and even death if not done correctly.

Why would you want to remove a stump?

Tree Fellers

  • They look ugly.
  • No one likes looking out into the yard and seeing old stumps covering the landscape. They look even worse when weeds and other plants start growing on them, which automatically happens over time.
  • Tree trunks take up space.
  • They are dangerous
  • Some stumps are obvious, but others get cover by grass, weeds and other plants and become tripping hazards.

Can I cut a tree myself or do I need Tree Fellers?

We definitely do not recommend removing a tree on your own or without the help of a certified arborist. Professional Tree Fellers have an understanding of many different tree species in different situations.

They have been trained to remove trees in the safest and most efficient. Cammy Tree Felling can help you avoid a risky or dangerous situation and bring along the necessary equipment to remove the branches and wood that usually create a big mess on the ground.

Our Tree Felling and Removal Services Include:

Tree Felling
Tree Stump Removal Services
Tree Trimming
Shrub Pruning
Garden Maintenance
Rubble Removal

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, call our tree fellers at 078 352 1959.