When to remove a tree?

When to remove a tree?

When should a tree be cut down?

When should I consider removing my tree?

Internal degradation is indicated by vertical fractures, seams, dead branch stubs, and massive, older lesions.

When termites have hollowed out a tree, it must be removed. However, any damage to the main trunk usually demands the removal of the tree.

If the damaged area is less than 25% of the radius of the trunk, the lesion may gradually heal up with no permanent damage. If you want to save the tree, you should seek the advice of an expert.

Tree removal should be considered for any dead branches that could fall and cause damage to the property or be dangerous. Please contact a tree removal specialist if a tree is leaning.

How far should a tree be from a property?

Trees should be about 10 meters away from your house to provide the most helpful shade at a practical distance.

Smaller trees can be planted closer together. Generally, you don’t want trees too close to your house because they can produce a variety of problems that can be disastrous. While trees may provide some shade for your property, which can aid in temperature regulation. However, trees can cause serious foundation damage by raising the structure.

Which trees are the best options to plant?

  • Heteropyxis natalensis also known as a Lavender Tree
  • Kiggelaria africana also known as the Wild Peach tree
  • Buddleja saligna many know it as the False Olive tree
  • Dais Cotinifolia also known as Pompon Tree
  • Apodytes dimidiata the White pear tree
  • Pittosporum viridiflorum better known as the Cheesewood tree

These are the most popular options for property trees in South-Africa.

What is the fastest growing tree to plant in your yard?

Olinia ventosa is one of South Africa’s fastest growing trees and a popular choice for your backyard. It can reach a height of 25m. It is renowned as a forest pioneer and one of the quickest growing indigenous trees. It is only found in the Western and Eastern Capes of South Africa.

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