Planting a New Tree

Planting a New Tree

When to plant a tree

Spring is here and by now you would have trimmed your shrubs, fertilised your plants and had a real good look at your garden. You might have redone your flower beds and found a place that you feel would suit a tree to add beauty to your garden.

One has to take quite a few things into consideration when you decide on the perfect tree for that special spot. Remember that trees are meant to endure and not be changed if it is unsuitable or on the viewer’s whim. A tree’s ultimate beauty is in its maturity.

So think before you plant. Study the requirements of the type of tree you like and determine its height, spread and rooting characteristics e.g. if it is going to be too tall or too spreading or its roots may cause structural damage or it may have to be severely cut to keep it to its allotted space. If any of these requirements do not suit that perfect spot, rather plant something else. Don’t write a tree’s death warrant on the day you prepare to plant it.

What to consider when planting a tree

Here are some things to consider when choosing your tree :

1. How tall do you want your tree to grow.

2. The space that you have set aside for your tree, does it allow sufficient space for your tree to reach maturity.

3. Make enquiries about the root system as you don’t want it to cause structural damage i.e. too close to the building or your pool. Certain trees also cause paving to lift.

4. Is the spot you have allocated for your tree in a sunny or shady position.  This is so important as a tree that is required to be in a sunny position will not thrive if it doesn’t get enough sun and the same applies to a shady position.

5. Does the tree of your choice lose its leaves in winter as if it does, you will have to rake up the leaves and should the tree be near your pool, the leaves will blow or fall into your pool which adds to the maintenance of your pool.  Also if your tree is planted close to your building, leaves will fall on the roof and ultimately end up in your gutter.

6. Are you looking for a tree that flowers or just an evergreen tree.

You would also initially need to stake your tree so that it can develop a strong stem. Obtain guidance on the staking of your young tree as you do not want to damage the stem.

This is why it is so important to choose the right tree. There is such a large variety of trees to choose from. Get expert advice and with the right choice of tree and care, you will achieve what you envisioned that spot in your garden would look like.

Good luck!

Some great local nurseries around Randburg and surrounding areas:
Wikoppen Wildflower Nursery specializing in Indigenous plants and trees.
Lifestyle Home Garden Centre which has practically everything you would need for your garden.

Contact Cammy Tree Felling to help trim your trees before they cause any damage on 078 352 1959 or 079 385 4158 or via our contact form