What to do with tree stumps

What to do with tree stumps

Have you recently felled a tree in your garden and wonder what to do with tree stumps? Well we can give you some great ideas on what you can do with your tree stumps instead of chopping them up and disposing of them.

Tree stumps are great for garden art and yard decorations. They can also be used for rustic furniture, wooden paths, stands for flower pots, building fences or making garden paths with wooden slices. These are some creative ways to recycle wood and beautify yards.

Here are 11 ideas of what to do with tree stumps I found whilst Googling

1. If you want to show off your flowering plants or metal artworks, use a tree stump that adds a natural look to your displays.

2. Painting your tree stumps, especially in bright colours, complements your yard centerpieces and brings eye catching decorations into your outdoor living spaces. Although creative painting is eye catching, remember the real beauty lies in the tree stump’s natural look, rustic texture and grayish hues. Instead, decorate the tree stump with flowering plants, moss and grass making it a focal point for your yard landscaping.

3. You can carve a design/a cartoon character/a face on your tree stump to bring character to it.

4. Make furniture for the indoors.

5. Make brightly painted log campfire stools

6. Make mozaic table top on a tree stump stand

7. Use tree stumps for seating

8. Make potplant stands or hand hanging baskets on the stump.

9. You can make a bird bath for the garden.

10. Make pathways in the garden.

11. Make a fire with one log which is known as the Swedish Flame or Canadian Candle. It uses only one log and is self feeding and therefore can burn for several hours without attention. This is nice for a fire pit. Make cuts into the tree stump as if cutting a cake leaving about 15cm at the base. Throw a capful of fuel oil in and you fire will burn for about 3 hours.

In fact there is no end to what tree stumps can be used for and at little cost. They beautify outdoor living spaces and pleasantly surprise your guests.

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